Elastics are rubber bands that are attached to your braces. They are designed to create the exact amount of pressure on your teeth that is needed to move them. In order for the elastics to keep a steady force, they must be worn all the time and they must be changed every day. Please Note: If you choose not to wear your elastics as prescribed, your treatment will take longer.

Here are some tips for the proper care of your elastics:

  • It is your responsibility to change the elastics every day. This is very important as the rubber will lose its elasticity rapidly, resulting in inadequate force on your teeth.
  • You may remove your elastics while brushing your teeth after meals. Then put them back on immediately.
  • Keep extra elastics with you wherever you go so that if one breaks you can replace it right away.
  • As your supply gets low, call us so that you don’t experience a gap in treatment time.
  • Elastics should be changed frequently (e.g. after meals, snacks, and before bed) so that they stay “fresh” (elastic strength has been shown to fatigue after a few hours of oral use).